Java Foods

About Us

Java Foods was founded in 2012 by Monica Musonda, with the vision of manufacturing nutritious food products using locally sourced raw materials at an affordable price point. Java Foods currently markets and distributes fortified instant noodles, cereals and seasoning in and across Zambia to both the formal (modern) retail and informal trade (directly to wholesalers and small stores).

After a successful career in law, Monica moved back to her native country Zambia. Her last position was for the manufacturing conglomerate in Nigeria, where she witnessed first-hand the impact local manufacturing had on an economy. She moved back to Zambia with the aim of setting up her own company, with the view to creating impact especially around local production of affordable nutritious foods, creating jobs, empowering Zambians with food technology & manufacturing skills and creating Zambian brands. She realized the huge potential Zambia has in terms of agriculture (for the past few years Zambia has consistently had bumper crops and has become a net exporter of corn (maize), soyabean and wheat. However, despite bumper harvests, very little is processed in Zambia and it continues to import over 70% of its food). She felt there was an opportunity to do something – and she started Java Foods in 2012.

About Us

Java Foods first product was a fortified instant noodle brand – eeZee Instant Noodles. The rationale around starting with a noodle brand was (i) to take advantage of Government position to have more Zambian products in formal retail (ii) changing demographics and consumption patterns (Rapid urbanization and improving incomes in urban areas was leading to increased demand for easy-to-prepare convenience products) and (iii) with busier lives, Java Foods knew people were looking for convenient, affordable meal options and (iv) wheat yields in Zambia were increasing on a year on year basis but wheat flour was only being processed for bread and confectionary (and Java Foods saw an opportunity to create another product using locally grown wheat).

Because of the lack of information on market size & product acceptability, Java Foods decided to enter into a contract packaging agreement with a leading manufacturer in Asia who would manufacture fortified noodles under the eeZee Instant Noodles brand name. The business concept was to grow the brand and demand for the product through an import model prior to local production. Java Foods imported noodles for 6 years before it decided to bring production of instant noodles to Zambia.

Java Foods now also manufactures Supa Cereal, a fortified instant porridge made from maize and soya beans sourced from local farmers. Java Foods has also recently introduced Premium Spices and Seasonings to the Zambian market (under the brand names Maharaja Premium Spices (curry powders and pastes) and eeZee Beef & Chicken Stew Mix (similar to a mchuzi mix). 

Our Mission

We appreciate our lifestyles are busier and families need easy nutritious meals they can afford. We, at Java Foods thank you for welcoming us into your homes, onto your shelves into your schools and places of work and making us a part of your day-to-day life. We are excited to grow with you.

Our core mission focuses around “nourishing families through the provision of high-quality nutritious products made from locally sourced raw materials, hereby improving livelihoods.”

Our Vision

Java Foods understands the connection between people and land, and that connection starts with food. If we are good to the soil, it will feed us. If we are good to our bodies, we will grow. If we are good to each other, we will grow together.

We want to become a leading branded food company in Southern Africa whose brands are synonymous with high quality, good value and nutrition.

Our vision is one of shared growth. For us, that growth starts with nutritious food.