Java Foods

eeZee Instant Noodles

Our first product was eeZee Instant Noodles and we are the first manufacturer in the Southern African region to manufacture fortified instant noodles. eeZee Instant Noodles is made with 100% Zambian wheat flour. eeZee Instant Noodles are manufactured in our state of art production facility in Lusaka’s Chinika Industrial area, which can produce up to 120,000 packets of noodles in an 8 hour shift. Java Foods instant noodles line is the only line of it’s kind in Southern Africa (outside of South Africa).

eeZee Instant Noodles success in the market has been because we:

  • worked hard to keep the brand fresh by constant introductions of new flavours and increasing the target range of products to our consumers;
  • developed a strong distribution network and will in the future be introducing loyalty programmes with key distributors to create competition and drive sales;
  • developed an effective and targeted marketing campaign and have also successfully pushed the fact that eeZee Instant Noodles is your quick & affordable meal option; and
  • are constantly striving to introduce new flavors to stimulate demand and making products with flavouring to match local palates.

Some basic Information about eeZee Instant Noodles

  • Processing Type: Fried
  • Feature: Low-Sodium, Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Packaging: Carton Box (60 packets, 5 in 1 Wrapper or 20 Packets)
  • Cooking Time: 3 Minutes
  • Weight (kg): 70g
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Flavour: Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Spicy Chicken

Java Foods sells across Zambia through the modern trade (Shoprite, PicknPay, Choppies, Spar, Zambeef and other independent supermarkets) as well as through a network of wholesalers. We currently have distribution arrangements for the Copperbelt & Southern Provinces. Java Foods also exports eeZee Noodles into the region.

For more information on sales & distribution, please contact [email protected]