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eeZee Supa Cereal

Malnutrition is one of the leading challenges facing Southern Africa. In Zambia, currently one in every two children is stunted. The effects of urbanisation has increased the cases of malnutrition due to non-availability of nutritious foods. Many of the urban retail centres are stocked with foreign foods products (too expensive for the bottom of the pyramid consumer) and are not fortified with valuable micronutrients. This prompted us to look to manufacturing an affordable fortified, porridge called eeZee Supa Cereal. We also manufacture Corn Soy Blend/High Energy Protein Porridge (HEPS) in bulk for school feeding programmes & emergency relief programmes.

The success of Supa Cereal/HEPS as a nutritious product is mainly around the fact that it is affordable and is consumed on a regular basis and in regular amounts through-out the year by a large proportion of our population making it easier to ensure they get their valuable nutrients on a daily basis. Our hope is to alleviate some of the high levels of malnutrition due to the lack of nutritious foods on the market.

Java Foods has been recognized as a key partner in Zambia against malnutrition. Java Foods was an inaugural member of the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network (SUN-BN) in Zambia and our founder Monica Musonda sits on the global advisory board of SUN-BN and was appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to sit on the Lead Group of international experts to address malnutrition issues around the world.

     Some Key Information about eeZee Supa Cereal®

  • A highly nutritious powdered porridge made from maize & soya bean – fortified with essential Vitamins and Minerals;
  • It is instant! Requires no cooking – just add hot water or hot milk and stir to desired consistency;
  • An energy boosting cereal high in carbohydrates and protein;
  • Non -GMO & Gluten Free;
  • Comes in portable, high quality, flexible packaging that preserves quality and enhances shelf life;
  • Available in Original, Banana and Strawberry, in packages of 500g and 1 kg;
  • Shelf Life of 12 months;
  • We also manufacture Corn Soy Blend/High Energy Protein Supplement and we are able to offer this in 10kg, 25kg or 50kg.